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Panoramic view taken from atop the water storage tank at the well house.

April 2010 Report
by John Kalas, Construction Coordinator

The Messier Marathon held at the CAC Site on April 2nd didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. Early clouds made the marathon impossible to complete. Several attendees, who had observed the night before at CAC and did very well, decided to leave. The weather did clear up late in the evening, but the opportunity to do well with the marathon had passed. Next year, we will try again and hopefully the weather will be more conducive.

The Phase 2 construction project is moving forward very rapidly. All ten 12’x12’ concrete telescope pads have been poured. The roll-off roof observatory concrete slab has been poured. By the time you read this information, the 8.4 meter diameter amphitheater concrete pad will have been poured. The gravel pads for the two steel storage containers have also been installed. I will be calling for the delivery of the two storage containers, currently being held in Tucson, within the next few weeks. The electrical conduit has also been run to all ten telescope pads, the roll-off roof observatory and the amphitheater. Randy Maddox plans to start the construction of the roll-off roof observatory during the week of 4/25.

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Coop has installed the underground power line extension from the current bathroom facility over to the RV Area. Peter Ammon, our excavation contractor, has backfilled the electric cable trench and has also finished the clearing of the RV Area. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the work that will be done at the RV Area until further donations are collected to run the electric service to all four RV spaces and to gravel the road surfaces. If you would like to support this portion of the Phase 2 construction project, please contact Bill Lofquist.

TAAA Astronomy Complex Overview and History

TAAA is about to witness the birth of a long-awaited resource –– our very own permanent dark observing facility. Many of our members know the story. After a lot of searching and gathering of financial resources over the last two or three decades, we are on the way.

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April 29, 2009

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association advances progress on Astronomy Complex: Members engaged to direct strategic plans for Phase 2 developments.

February 23, 2009

Transfer of the deed for the TAAA Astronomy Complex.

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