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Astronomy Fundamentals Special Interest Group (AFSIG)

The Astronomy Fundamentals SIG was developed with the beginner in mind, providing a resource for novice TAAA members and anyone else interested in learning how to observe and enjoy the night sky. Monthly meetings feature helpful presentations and discussions. TAAA also hosts a beginner's star party each month for this group at the TIMPA observing site. You don't have to own a telescope to enjoy these events, and observing through member telescopes provides opportunities to consider the types of telescopes that are available.

The AFSIG provides opportunities to network with other new members, as well as learn from more advanced amateur astronomers who offer guidance and support to group members.

Additional Information:

Visit our Observing Resources Page for Astronomy Fundamentals Resources

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Astro-Imaging Special Interest Group (AISIG)

The Astro-Imaging SIG supports those TAAA members who have interests in astronomy photography. Group members engage in a variety of imaging techniques including film and CCD astrophotography. Meetings are held once per month where members see and share some of the state of imaging art. Presentations feature CCD images, planetary webcams, and film. Everyone is welcome, and all levels are invited to show their work.

Come see what your fellow members are doing. All levels of interest are welcome from those first star trail images to advanced CCD imaging. Members are encouraged to just show up and enjoy the show!

Additional Information:

Visit our Observing Resources Page for Astro-Imaging resources

Visit Beginning Astrophotography for tips from Dean Ketelsen

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